ACTRESS : 茉由ちゃん

DESCRIPTION : 吹奏楽部で楽器を吹いているわけじゃないですけど、分厚い唇がとてもエロくチンコを咥えられた時、想像通りの気持ち良さでした!喘ぎ声も大きく大分感じてくれていた彼女の初心マンコに2回中出しの後、フェラチオから再挿入して今度は半外半中を試みましたが射精コントロールができずスカートの上に発射…苦笑されました。She doesn’t play any brass or wind instruments、 despite her thick erotic lips. Oh~、 and when she took my cock in her mouth、 her lips… it felt as good as I would have imagined it to be. She was moaning loudly、 and even after cumming inside her pussy twice、 I tried to going back in after licking her wet pussy off. Although I tried controling myself、 I couldn`t control myself ejaculating and shooting all over her skirt… she laughed at me.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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