ACTRESS : 妃ひかり

DESCRIPTION : 「ただいま〜」って声が聞こえたので玄関へ向かうと、そこには隣の奥さんが…。「家は隣ですよ」と帰そうとするが一向に起きる気配なし。よく見ると奥さんはオッパイが大きくてとてもエロいカラダつき。魔が差した俺は彼女にそっと悪戯するのだが、それでも全く起きないのでどんどんエスカレートしてしまい…。 I heard a voice saying, “I’m home,” so I went to the front door to find the neighbor’s wife there…. I tried to tell her that my house was next door, but she showed no sign of getting up. I looked at her closely and saw that she had big boobs and a very erotic body. I was so excited that I started to play tricks on her, but she never woke up, so I started to escalate the situation…

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