ACTRESS : 美園和花

DESCRIPTION : 「カネ無しヨメ無し仕事無し」のロクデナシ後輩が先輩を頼って来る。「和花」はそんな彼を気遣う優しい人妻。しかしその優しさが仇となり、一度だけの過ちが彼女の人生を狂わせる。最初は罪悪感があった「和花」だったが、後輩のデカマラとセックスのテクニックで次第に快楽に目覚めていく。A junior student who has “no money, no wife, and no job” comes to his senior for help. Waka is a kind married woman who cares for him. However, her kindness turns out to be a curse, and a one-time mistake ruins her life. At first “Waka” feels guilty, but she gradually awakens to the pleasures of her junior’s big cock and sex techniques.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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