ACTRESS : 黒木いくみ

DESCRIPTION : 黒髪ぱっつんが魅力的な色白美人のいくみさん。漂わせてる淫靡なエロオーラがオトコの脳幹にビンビン訴えかけてきてたまりません。でも彼女が好意を寄せるのは、中高年男性限定。今日も高齢男性の赤黒いデカマラを咥え込み、ソープ嬢顔負けの献身的性奉仕で男の精液を搾り取ってます。情熱的なベロチューで喘ぎ、指マンとクンニでイキまくり、カリ首に舌を絡めて吸いつくフェラがエロ過ぎ。執拗なナマ巨根交尾に嗚咽を漏らして絶頂するアヘ顔は絶品!Ikumi is a fair-skinned beauty with attractive black hair pulled back in a bun. The lewd and erotic aura she exudes appeals to the male brain. However, she is only interested in middle-aged and older men. Today, she sucks the big, reddish-black cocks of elderly men and squeezes their semen with the same devoted sexual services as soap operas. She moans with passionate tongue-sucking, comes all over with finger-fucking and cunnilingus, and sucks and sucks on their big cocks with her tongue twisting around them. Her sobbing climaxing aphtha face is a thing of beauty as she sobs from the relentless naughty cock copulation!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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