ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : 突撃!お宅のお茶の間!企画の第2弾!!旦那さんと子どもが帰ってきて、食卓を囲んで…。優しいぬくもりが溢れる「憩いの空間」で繰り広げられる、あまりにオゲレツで卑猥なイキ狂い中出し不倫セックス。近所でも有名な〝あの〟美人妻が、服の上からでもわかるたわわなおっぱいをブルンブルン揺らして没入してゆく生ハメち○ぽ漬け。乱れまくり過ぎて正常な理性が失われた〝既婚者マ○コ〟の最奥に注がれる濃厚他人精子の快楽に痺れる奥様達の〝性態〟がエロ過ぎる…。Assault! Your Tea Room! The second part of the project! The husband come home、 and gather around the dining table… In the space of relaxation where the gentle warmth overflows、 it is unfolded、 and it is the adulterous sex of the inside out that is indecent、 and it is indecent、 and it is crazy. The beautiful wife who is famous even in the neighborhood shakes her breasts、 which can be seen even from the top of her clothes、 and immerses herself in the raw sex. The sexual condition of the wives who are excited by the pleasure of the thick sperm poured into the innermost part of the married woman’s pussy that has lost its normal reasoning is too erotic…

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