ACTRESS : 笠木いちか

DESCRIPTION : 優等生で大人しいけど実はエッチな事が大好きないちか。彼女が好きになった男性はお姉ちゃんの彼氏で…。受験を明後日に控えたその日に彼と二人きりになれた彼女は、ついに彼を誘惑して…。終始甘え口調の丁寧語で迫る彼女のエロさは必見です。Ichika is an honor student and quiet、 but she actually loves to do naughty things. The man she falls in love with is her older sister’s boyfriend… She finally seduces him when she gets to be alone with him on the day before her exam… Her eroticism is a must-see as she presses him in a polite tone of sweetness from start to finish.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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