ACTRESS : 現役●●部員20才

DESCRIPTION : 男らしい顔立ちに笑顔が優しそうな現役●●部員20才をガチナン!友達と遊んでいるところをすかさずキャッチ!落ち着いた雰囲気に好青年な喋り方は性欲をそそります!パンツ一枚になってもらい、身体チェック!体毛の薄い締まった肉体美はエロス…通常時のもっこりを観察…ドロン…とした重みのある肉棒…AVを見させじわじわ勃起してきます…乳首を舐めると『くすぐったいです』とまだ未開拓な乳首…さらにフェラをすると…声は出ないものの表情はうっとり…ギンギンのデカマラに!顎が外れそうになる程の極太…巨根好きにはたまりません!ラストは一気にシゴきまくり濃厚ザーメンをブチまける!STAFF推薦作品!We picked up a 20-year-old member of a club with a masculine face and a kind smile! He’s playing with his friends and we catch him right away! The calm atmosphere and the way he talks arouses your sexual desire! I asked him to strip down to his underwear and check his body! I’m sure you’ve seen him in a porn movie. I licked him nipples and he said、 That tickles. He was so thick that his jaw almost came off. The last part of the movie is a cum shot with a lot of cum!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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