ACTRESS : 新卒フレッシュ若リーマン

DESCRIPTION : 今回は社会人成り立てホヤホヤの新卒フレッシュ若リーマン君が登場。短髪の頭にシンプルなYシャツがいかにも初々しくて、育てがいのある可愛いらしい後輩という感じの印象が漂っている。そんな彼にワイルドな短髪兄貴が開口ベルトを装着して、口を閉じたくても閉じられない状態で太っいチ〇ポを強〇挿入!!!拒みたくても両手を固定されていて抵抗できない。離れたくてもチ〇ポが美味すぎてどうにも止まらない!!最後は両手を固定されたまま兄貴の手コキで、兄貴に見られたまま、兄貴の胸板に強〇大量射精!!!This time、 we have a new graduate、 a fresh young man who has just started his career. He has short hair and a simple Y-shirt、 giving him the impression of a cute junior who is worth raising. The wild、 short-haired brother puts an opening belt on him and f**ibly inserts his fat dick into his mouth even though he wants to close it、 but he can’t! He wants to refuse、 but his hands are bound and he can’t resist. You want to leave、 but the cock tastes so good you can’t stop! The last thing I want to do is give my brother a hand job while my hands are restrained and he’s watching me、 fo**ing a massive ejaculation onto his chest plate!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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