ACTRESS : Yoshinori

DESCRIPTION : スポーツマン体型と甘いマスクで人気のYoshinoriクンはとってもエッチ。力強く立ったチンポを男としゃぶり合ったところで、Yoshinoriクンのアナルに巨根を挿入!激しく奥まで突かれまくり最後は振り落とされる精液をお口でキャッチ…休む間も無く自分のチンポをしごいて胸部に射精!性欲が満たされて放心状態になってしまいました。Yoshinori is popular for his athletic build and handsome face、 but one thing for sure is that he is a very naughty boy. After sucking each other’s cocks quite powerfully、 a massive cock is thrusted straight into Yoshinori’s ass! The thrusts come hard and deep、 with a slow-dripping cumshot dribbling into his mouth… Without dropping a beat、 he squeezed hard onto his own cock and let out a tremendous cumshot straight onto his chest! He as so satisfied with all this sex that he got left in a trance.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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