DESCRIPTION : ロリ顔・低身長・Eカップのオタ系アイドル、あず希。そんな彼女の魅力を余すことなく紹介!趣味はHな漫画を描くことというあずきちゃんは男性経験値をあげたいとAV出演を決意する…『ウブでまじめなメガネっ娘』。リアルドール「あずき」を購入したオタ男との倒錯愛を描いた『人形あそび』の2作品を完全収録!Azuki is an otaku idol, with a fresh face, short stature, and D-cups. See all of her charms! She says her hobby is drawing hentai manga, and decides to appear in an adult video to increase her male experience. ‘A Plain and Earnest Girl with Glasses’. The complete collection includes ‘Playing with Dolls’, which depicts the perverse love between Azuki and an otaku man who buys Azuki, as a real doll!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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