ACTRESS : 工藤ララ

DESCRIPTION : 母を早くに亡くし、無職の義父と娘の二人暮らし。貧しくとも健気に義父を支える娘「ララ」とその優しさに甘え娘を身勝手に貪る義父。生活は困窮し日々の不安の最中、繰り返す猥行為に嫌悪感を抱きつつも孤独な義父に寄り添う娘。執拗までの異常な愛情を娘に注ぎこむ。仕込まれたカラダは日増しに感度を増し、受け入れ絆を深めていく…。The unemployed woman, who lost her mother early in life, lives with her step-father. She supports her step-father in spite of her poverty, and he takes advantage of her kindness. In the midst of a life of poverty and daily insecurity, the daughter is disgusted by her step-father’s repeated indecent acts, but cannot bring herself to leave. He pours his obsessive and abnormal love into his step-daughter and their bond slowly deepens…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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