ACTRESS : 翔田千里

DESCRIPTION : もし「翔田千里」が家政婦だったら・・昼は旦那さんの息子のオナニーのお手伝い、夜はキッチンで旦那さんを手コキで発射させ・・・。性欲旺盛な超肉食系のド淫乱家政婦が派遣先の男達を食い尽くす!もちろんフェチ映像も満載!抜きところはたっぷり!ゲストの近藤郁美の旦那さんとのSEXも必見!What if “Chisato Shoda” were a housekeeper…she would help her stepson masturbate during the day and give her husband a hand job in the kitchen at night…. She’s a super carnal housekeeper with a voracious sexual appetite who devours the men she’s sent to work for! And of course, there’s plenty of fetish footage! Plenty of scenes for you to cum! Don’t miss the sex with a guest who’s the husband of Ikumi Kondo!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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