ACTRESS : 熟年夫婦

DESCRIPTION : 長年連れ添った、熟年夫婦が醸し出す、愛あるSEX。若い頃には味わえなかった、今だからこその、しっぽりとしたエロさ、普通のAVでは味わえない、妙に共感出来る独特のテイストは、是非一度見て頂きたい。恥じらいながらも、実は人に見られたい奧さん、自慢の奧さんを魅せたい旦那さん、十人十色の夫婦のエロを堪能出来る秀作です。This is a film that you should definitely watch at least once. You cannot experience when you are young, but maybe you can relate. This is an excellent work that allows you to enjoy the eroticism of ten different kinds of married couples: ashamed but actually want to be seen by others, husbands who want to show off their big dicks, and so on.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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